Our little bichon baby

A couple of days before Christmas bae came home from work with a Bichon Havanese puppy in his arms. The puppy had a gift bow on his collar.


Even though we have talked about both wanting to get a puppy I was pretty surprised when he brought this one home. I already knew this puppy, we both did. For two months before it moved in with us it was the puppy of someone we know. Unfortunately the previous owner got sick, and instead of selling or giving the puppy away to some strangers, she wanted us to have him. She knew that we wanted a puppy, we were so surprised and happy to get him and she is now happy to know that she can visit him whenever she wants.


Our little baby is a Bichon Havanese. I’ve had a puppy earlier, a Jack Russell Terrier. Before purchasing the JRT I read a lot about the breed, and that is why I ended up buying it. This time around I didn’t get the chance to read about the breed before taking the puppy home so I have been doing that lately. It is so interesting how different dog breeds are. Not just in size, color and fur, but also their abilities to learn and their social needs. Even though the JRT and the BH are similar in size they are such different breeds. It is also fascinating how the description of the breed actually fits our dog spot on.


This little guy is named Tassen. It is a very Norwegian dog name and it refers to something small and cute so it fits him. I call him bebe though, because he’s my little baby.

I used to be such a cat person. Since I was very young and until I was 18 years old I always had cats. My latest cat, Ping, stayed with my mom when I moved out as an 18 years old and he died a few years after that. I am allergic to both cats and dogs though, but I react much more to cats than dogs. The Bichon Havanese is allergy friendly so it is actually a breed that fits me very well. Oh, and it doesn’t need much outdoor exercise which also fits me very well. Even though I love to walk him and we have great hiking trails right outside our door, I don’t always want to go out during this freezing Norwegian winter.


I am so in love with this little creature. He has the darkest eyes, the softest paws and he loves to sleep in, just like me! I mean, isn’t he the cutest thing ever?

*typical puppy parent rhetorical question*

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