“Cute af”

I went shopping last week so I could feel fab in my outfit on Saturday, and I did! The awesome t-shirt is from H&M. I was so indecisive about this, but bae convinced me because of the fact that it is cute af. Haha! I’m so happy I bought it, I love it! I also […]

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Mich 25th birthday

Happy birthday, to my baby girl! I wanted to post this on her birthday yesterday, but I was way to hung over from having fun with her on Saturday. We were four girls who celebrated her with a day and a night in Oslo. We drove in early in the morning to get some shopping […]

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Wish: Black Head Pore Strip

Recently I downloaded the app Wish and I’ve spent way to much time on it since. That app is addictive! And I can understand why it’s called Wish because I really do wish that the things I order off there end up looking exactly like the pictures. Haha. Risky business! I have already put in […]

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Some days I just love to go out for lunch at my favorite bakery with some of my favorite people. Yesterday bae and bestie joined me at the mall for lasagna at Nye Bakeriverkstedet. And since we were at the mall we decided to do some shopping, but all I ended up buying was dog […]

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Jacket: Primark Manchester | Purse: NYPD | Jeans: Zara in Galeria Krakowska Scarf: BikBok | Shoes: DinSko Follow my blog with Bloglovin

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I believe that every woman has periods of time where everything feels right. Well, maybe not everything, but she feels pretty. Beautiful even. Clothes and shoes seem to fit perfectly. Hair and makeup turns out flawless every time she does it, and when it’s not flawless that’s okey because her feeling of beauty comes from […]

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Spoil yourself today

I have! There are a lot of facebook page competitions going on all the time and I do enter a few every now and then. That’s normal, we all do that! Right? Anyway, I have now won my second competition in a year, yay! The first one was a free membership to SkyFitness. Last week […]

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Lumi Pop

Bae gave me the Lumi Pop – Vanilla White – Selfie & Beauty Ring Light in my Christmas stocking and I am in love! I am just going to let these pictures speak for themselves. They are unedited. My light is from Skatush | Cardigan from BikBok | Crop top is Saints & Mortals Makeup […]

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2017 Bucket List

Every year I keep thinking about these little things that I want to do. Like going fishing, which I haven’t done for over 10 years. So I decided to write a bucket lists of things that I want to do this year. Financially I don’t see a lot of traveling this year except for going […]

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