“Cute af”

I went shopping last week so I could feel fab in my outfit on Saturday, and I did! The awesome t-shirt is from H&M. I was so indecisive about this, but bae convinced me because of the fact that it is cute af. Haha! I’m so happy I bought it, I love it! I also bought new jeans ’cause I really needed a new favorite pair. For small, short people like me I’d recommend Gina Tricots jeans Molly. They are so stretchy, the length on the legs is good and they’re high waisted which I prefer. They also makes my bum look absolutely great, and we all want jeans to do that, right?

The belt is also from Gina Tricot, and it’s called Camilla. It actually has metal details, but you can’t see it here because the belt is so long for me that half of the details gets hidden under the extra flap. Small people problems! You can see it here. The cardigan is from BikBok.


Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell | Jacket: Vero Moda

Would you wear it?

Mich 25th birthday


Happy birthday, to my baby girl! I wanted to post this on her birthday yesterday, but I was way to hung over from having fun with her on Saturday.


We were four girls who celebrated her with a day and a night in Oslo. We drove in early in the morning to get some shopping done. The capitol has a lot more, and a lot bigger, stores than we do at home so shopping is a must! Even when it’s just window shopping – I didn’t buy anything, but am waiting for a few packages from Wish, haha. We ended the shopping spree with some sushi at Lille Asia Grunerløkka. Tip: If you order dim sum for starters have 101. It has a lot more flavor than 102.


We had booked a hotel room for the night and we spent most of the evening there. I brought balloons that I blew up, and Mich brought a polaroid camera, for the girls to play with while we got ready for the night. Four girls and one tiny hotel bathroom, haha. We had to do our makeup and hair in pairs. The ones who were not freshening up was taking photos and drinking wine. It was so much fun!


Two more girls joined us in the room for drinking games and gossip before we ended the night at the nightclub So. So is a lesbian club and it was my second time there. There is about 90% girls there, and the music is good, so the atmosphere is just amazing for a girls night out. My longest best friend, Vanessa, met us there too. I am not in Oslo that often so it was very nice to catch up.


The polaroids turned out so good by the way! They are a bit delicate so I’m not sharing any here, but I am tagged in one of them on instagram (@michgundersen) if you want to see.


Wish: Black Head Pore Strip

Recently I downloaded the app Wish and I’ve spent way to much time on it since. That app is addictive! And I can understand why it’s called Wish because I really do wish that the things I order off there end up looking exactly like the pictures. Haha. Risky business! I have already put in two orders and I thought I’d share all my purchases with you guys when I get them.


One of the first items I got was a zip lock bag with ten bags of Black Head Pore Strips. I payed 9NOK (1 USD) including shipping. I meant to buy a tube, but I was too quick to order and will have to blame myself for buying these portion bags instead. Some of my friends have been wanting to try this too so I’ll give some of these away while waiting for the tube.

We’ve all seen the videos where these kind of masks easily extracts black heads leaving the skin clear and smooth. It does get some of the black heads out, but not nearly as much as in the videos. And it does hurt, especially if you get it in your facial hair. And I’ve got a lot of that.. It is worth it though. Will buy this mask again.


What is your experience with Wish?


Some days I just love to go out for lunch at my favorite bakery with some of my favorite people. Yesterday bae and bestie joined me at the mall for lasagna at Nye Bakeriverkstedet. And since we were at the mall we decided to do some shopping, but all I ended up buying was dog food. Haha..ha. We needed that.



I did get to take lots of mirrorselfies though. I needed that too.

People don’t understand the pressure on me to look perfect. – Kim K.

Earlier this week we had our Christmas party at the bar I work at, Glasshjørnet, with all the incredible people I work with. It was such a fun night. That gang is hilarious and parties with them are epic every time.


I felt real pretty before the party. Hair, makeup and outfit turned out the way I wanted so I was very pleased with that. A couple of co workers called me Kim Kardashian when I arrived, and I had to laugh a little. I have been watching Keeping up with the Kardashians lately. I am actually watching it now while writing this. So I’ve got to admit I might have gotten a bit inspired.

I ordered the dress from Wish. That app is addicting! I’ve only ordered off it twice, but have spent so much time looking through the stuff they have on there. I will be writing a post when I get all my orders. Jacket is from BikBok and shoes are Primark.


Back to series, because I only have a few episodes of KUWTK left so I need some new series to watch. Any suggestions?


I believe that every woman has periods of time where everything feels right. Well, maybe not everything, but she feels pretty. Beautiful even. Clothes and shoes seem to fit perfectly. Hair and makeup turns out flawless every time she does it, and when it’s not flawless that’s okey because her feeling of beauty comes from within. It’s created in her mind. I love those periods.


But then there are times where she feels that everything is wrong. Same clothes, but nothing seems to fit right. Makeup doesn’t stay on fleek. Constant bad hair days. Those are not good times, but luckily the bad periods doesn’t last for long. Usually something good happens. A smile from a stranger. Someone special gives a compliment. She puts on a super cute outfit that makes her feel fierce. The Starbucks guy wrote her name right. Her coworker noticed her new ear rings. The bus is on time. The suns out.


It can also get worse. It might not feel worse because it doesn’t really feel like anything. It’s like she stops feeling. Like she stops caring. She looks in the mirror and she doesn’t see beauty nor ugly. She doesn’t look for it. She looks for leftover toothpaste. She just glances in the mirror while washing her hands. She doesn’t see herself. Doing her makeup as a routine, to look “normal”. This goes there, pat that on. Being consumed by the nothingness. I’ve been in that nothingness. For over six months that was my reality. It felt like forever. When you actually feel something you feel hopeless, and you feel like you’ll never get out of the nothingness. But like the other periods this too is created in the mind. Like the other times this one also flies. This too will pass.


If you are in that nothingness right now, remember that if you set your mind into it, it can only go up from here. Good times will come. For me it’s now.


Spoil yourself today

I have!


There are a lot of facebook page competitions going on all the time and I do enter a few every now and then. That’s normal, we all do that! Right? Anyway, I have now won my second competition in a year, yay! The first one was a free membership to SkyFitness. Last week I won Studio Marichens competition and my prize was two hours of pampering that I scheduled for this morning.

I have been a wax costumer of Olga at Studio Marichen for years, but today I had two other lovely ladies working on my shine. At first hair dresser Carolyne cured my hair, gave me a delicious massage and a blow out. Then nail designer Sylwia gave me the cutest shellac manicure. I chose the colors myself and it turned out so amazingly cute! I just had to take a bunch of photos of it.

Thank you, Studio Marichen!

Lumi Pop

Bae gave me the Lumi Pop – Vanilla White – Selfie & Beauty Ring Light in my Christmas stocking and I am in love! I am just going to let these pictures speak for themselves. They are unedited.

My light is from Skatush | Cardigan from BikBok | Crop top is Saints & Mortals

Makeup is Flawless by Sonya | Brows are Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow Pomade in Chocolate

2017 Bucket List

Every year I keep thinking about these little things that I want to do. Like going fishing, which I haven’t done for over 10 years. So I decided to write a bucket lists of things that I want to do this year. Financially I don’t see a lot of traveling this year except for going to the Roskilde Festival in June. So I feel like this is a very realistic list of things that I can do at home or at least in Norway. Pictures are memories from the year that has past.


Learn to drive a car

Try to do snowboarding

Swim in the ocean in Norway

Go on a fishing trip

Have a romantic picnic

Do more photoshoots

Try Crossfit

Become an early riser

Go ice skating

Take my little brother to an amusement park

Go to a concert

Take more photos

Go to the beach with my family

Sing Karaoke


Blog regularly