Trick or treat

My favorite thing about Halloween is the costumes and makeup. But an other thing about Halloween that gets me real excited is decorating!

We celebrated late and had our party on the 4th of November so decorations were on sale. Yaay! We bought skeletons, headstones, plastic pests and lots of spiders and cobwebs. He made pita pizza with olive spiders for our guests and dessert was candy shaped as snakes, skulls, alligators and mice. Yes, and drinks.

We tested the head in a jar idea, and it really looked like we had put heads in jars around the house! Haha, that’s so crazy I love it! Google head in a jar halloween to see how it’s done. I was so happy about how the apartment turned out. There was literally cobwebs everywhere. I decorated while he was at work so when he came home he was pretty shocked, even though he knew I was going to decorate with fake spiders. He has arachnophobia and the first thing he saw when he walked through the front door was a spider hanging from the ceiling in the hallway.

Now it’s time to start preparing for Christmas. I have already bought almost all the Christmas presents, I really enjoy it actually! Christmas is my favorite holiday, but Halloween is in a solid second place.

What is your favorite holiday?

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