Pop art is for everyone

Late post, but I wanted to show you guys our Halloween makeup and costumes!

I did a fun and easy makeup on him and me for a small gathering at home with close friends. We spent a lot of time considering before we agreed on these looks, and it turned out pretty cool! As you can hopefully tell we are a 1950’s style pop art couple. Desperate housewife and cheating husband. I always like making up stories for looks like this and the story here is that I had enough of his cheating so after finding lipstick on his collar I stabbed him in the chest. Then wiped my hands on my apron. I don’t know if you can see it on these photos, but I put lipstick on his neck and collar, fake blood on his chest and on my apron.


I didn’t take close ups of our finished looks, but at least here you have one  ofmy makeup before I did my hair. Makeup is mostly Flawless by Sonya, but I used a Babor concealer for the spots. Lenses are from Superkul.

What was your Halloween look this year?

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