United vs City

If you guessed that we went to Manchester to see United vs City in Old Trafford you were absolutely right! The match was during my boyfriends birthday week and he really wanted to go, and for me any reason to travel is a reason to travel. I love traveling, and I also think that going to a big sports event should be on everybody’s bucket list. Even if you are not into sports, the tension and excitement at these events is just amazing.

We ordered our tickets to the match months in advance to make sure we got some good seats, and we did! We actually sat in the wrong seats at first and were so excited about how good they were until someone came over and said that we were in their seats, haha. But we were blown away when we finally found our spot! The first picture is our view of the reporters when in the wrong seats and the second picture is the same view, but from our actual seats.

Pretty cool, huh? We were even in the corner where all the players came out of the locker room and on the same side as the managers. My favorite part was all the off field players staying warm by jogging and stretching on the sideline, haha. Those football players look pretty good from behind too.

We were cheering for the red team, Manchester United, and as you all know by now they lost the game. Luckily we didn’t let that ruin our weekend. Well, we did do some shopping therapy though, but that’s just fun!


I am actually looking forward to the next trip to Old Trafford and all those supporters singing and swearing in an accent I barely understand.



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