Blaa Mat og Bar Porsgrunn

If you are ever in Porsgrunn looking for a place to eat or have some drinks, this is the place. Blaa Mat og Bar has a cozy dining area on the second floor and a bar in the first floor, but in the summer you’ll want to sit outside on the veranda. It lies right next to the river, so close that my little sister was afraid of losing something in the river the last time we were there together.

Their food is great and so beautifully plated! During the staff dinner on Tuesday I had beef tenderloin as my main dish and Blaas chocolate sabayonne for dessert. I love red meat, and I love chocolate, so for me that was the perfect meal.

The thing that Blaa Mat og Bar is best at is their drinks and cocktails! They are so good, and like the food the cocktails are very beautifully decorated. We were almost 30 people at our table on Tuesday. All of us working at a night club, many of us bartenders, and there was not one single complaint about the drinks that night. And we did have a few drinks.

JM recommends Blaa Mat og Bar!

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