Wine & dine with the glass corner crew

Do you know I bar tend? Of course you don’t, ’cause I never told you that! I’ve been working as a bartender at Skiens best nightclub, Glasshjørnet, for almost two years now. Fun fact: Glasshjørnet translates into “the glass corner”. Before Glasshjørnet I worked at Nulltoll (also in Skien) for about three months before they closed.

On Tuesday the staff of Glasshjørnet got together for dinner and drinks at the restaurant Blaa Mat og Bar in Porsgrunn. We were celebrating summer vacation, the nightclub is closed in July and open the doors again in August.


The staff of Glasshjørnet is the greatest bunch of people I have ever worked with. We all get together so well even though we are all so different as individuals. They say that the people working in the night life industry really know how to party, have you heard that? Well, this gang is no exception! I have so much fun with these amazing people, both at work and off duty!


But the best one, a person I really look up to, is our beautiful boss lady, Ida Tilly. At least she was our boss. Last weekend she had her last shift at Glasshjørnet and I was lucky enough to share the bar with her. There were some tears shed around the table after dessert as we gave her a diploma for being the worlds best boss. We are going to miss her, and are curious to see and get to know her replacement.


What a night we had! Just look at this group of gorgeous, silly people. I love working with these freaks. Hope you all have a great summer holiday, and I look forward to seeing you again in the fall.

If anyone of you readers live in Telemark I hope to see you at Glasshjørnet in the fall too! It really is the best night club in Skien.

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