Outfit: Moroccan Nights #sp_2016

As some of you may know by now, I love themed events! And so does Forever Living, that is awesome! The theme for Summer Party was Moroccan Nights. At first I thought it was Arabian Nights so naturally I started looking for a belly dancer outfit. It was a good thing I double checked!


My jeans and top are from BikBok. They were a birthday gift from my gorgeous friend Cikki. I got them just a few days before I left for Gothenburg, and they were perfect for the event! Shoes are from DinSko. I bought the necklace when on vacation in Egypt.The awesome cardigan is my moms, I borrowed it for the occasion. I know I can always find something good in my moms closet. That woman has everything a girl needs when it comes to shoes and clothes.

I promise I had pretty curls when I left the hotel. My hair is hopeless like that! All it wants is to be Asian straight. Any tips on how to make curls last is very welcome.


My purse is vintage. I bought it in the Episode tent at the Roskilde Festival one year. I hope all you festival goers reading this are having a blast at #rf16! I couldn’t make it there this year and am so envious of everyone posting photos of how much fun they’re having. Once you’ve felt that orange feeling you’ll always want to go back, and I will! Hopefully next year. I did have some festival feelings at the Summer Party though, it was so much fun!

My travel buddy is wearing all H&M. Shoes are Jean Paul.


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