You live but once; You might as well be amusing. – Coco Chanel

I do love themed parties! The 50’s themed party at Forever Summer Party was so perfect for me. I loved the makeup style, hairdos and dresses on all these gorgeous, smiling people around me. And I felt so pretty in my own outfit!


What made my outfit was this amazing dress I bought from Kjoledamen (Norwegian site) a few years ago. When I heard what the theme for this years party was going to be I immediately knew this was the one.


Finding shoes for this dress could have been a challenge, but I already had the perfect pumps for it! I bought these orange goodies at Føtex, which could be described as a Danish Walmart, the first or second year I attended Roskilde Festival.


The hat is from Nelly (adlink), and the purse and Guess watch were gifts. I think I borrowed the gloves from my mom some time and just never returned them, sorry mom!

ololoI’m posting this picture again because I just love this photo of some of my gorgeous colleagues in their fabulous outfits! You can read more about the amazing FLP Summer Party here.

My makeup is Flawless By Sonya and it can be found on my Forever Business Owner site here for global readers, and here for Scandinavian readers.

Would you wear this?


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