I could give up shopping, but I’m not a quitter

One thing that most girls enjoy when traveling is that when you get to new places there are often new stores to explore! We are kinda weird like that. Anyway, in Alicante I found some stores I liked that we do not have in my city here in Norway.


One of the stores I always visit whenever I travel is Zara, and I do not think I am alone when it comes to this. I always find something in there and this time was not different at all! I did not go crazy, but almost wish I did! They had so many beautiful dresses and stylish blazers in all kind of colors. My favorite were the pastel ones, they are so gorgeous. I want all of them!

Two other stores that I noticed, and need to go back to in the future, was Suiteblanco and Pull&bear. I hadn’t heard of any of them before, which I actually find a bit odd. These two stores are very different when it comes to style. Suiteblanco is the one that suits me the most right now, and I did buy a lot of pieces from there! Pull&bear is the kind of store that I just love being in. I love the atmosphere and I love that I can find more special pieces. I felt like it was the perfect place to be when knowing that summer is coming. The lace, high waisted denim shorts, summer dresses, bikinis, crop tops, kimonos – We even bought the perfect beach towel in there! Definitely going to find Pull&bear again the next time I travel. And Suiteblanco.

ø.,mn bJeans: Gina Tricot | Sandals & purse: Suiteblanco | Blazer: Zara

Which stores do you always visit when traveling?

Have you been to any of these three stores?


2 thoughts on “I could give up shopping, but I’m not a quitter

  1. Sv: Ja, det kan jeg anbefale! Det er kjempegøy 🙂 Jeg kjøpte kartet på Tanum på Paleet i Oslo for litt over 300 kr ^^,

    Så bra at du drømmer! Blir moro å følge med på hvor du drar på reise 🙂

    Takk! Jeg fikk faktisk oppleve Roskilde i 2014 🙂 Veldig flott opplevelse som jeg vil huske! Filipinene har jeg ikke besøkt, så det skal jeg huske på og gjøre litt research om 😉

    Takk for fine tips 🙂 Håper du har en fantastisk kveld ❤


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