I am scared, therefore I know my dreams are big enough

June is finally here. My favorite month of the year because it means that summer is here. It doesn’t really feel like summer just yet in Norway though so I keep dreaming myself back to the poolside in Spain. My dreams are actually getting bigger and bigger each day now. Off course not about the weather, I can’t control that. But big dreams are starting to take form inside me, dreams so big they even scare me a little.hhh Owning my own business and seeing it grow is what has triggered these dreams of mine. I know now that if I just work hard within my business I can achieve great success and a residual income, and help others achieve the same. This is the most genius business model I have ever seen and the absolute best part about it is that you help others succeed and by doing so you build your own success. okok June, my birthday month. New month and new goals are written down today. They say a dream written down with a date becomes a goal. A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan. A plan backed by action makes your dreams come true.

One small dream of mine did come true in Spain. With one of the first bonuses from my business I bought my first Guess purse! It feels so great to treat myself and still having the cleanest conscience knowing all the bills where already paid. I am actually having trouble wrapping my head around this. How did I make a part time salary without it affecting my full time job? I can’t believe how easy it actually was and I wish I could teach all of my friends, family, relatives and everyone, even you, how to do the same. - .cov,iJune is going to be a great month, I can feel it. It is a new feeling for me and I love it! Feel free to contact me if you have big dreams, together we can make our dreams happen!

E-mail: jeanettemariea@flp.com | Instagram: jeanettemarie | Snapchat: jeanettemariea

2 thoughts on “I am scared, therefore I know my dreams are big enough

  1. Åh, Spania er herlig! Og jeg er helt enig om sommeren i Norge, for noe lureri.. Sitter og drømmer selv, om reise og suksess. Så spennende ting som skjer i livet ditt! Skulle ønske jeg hadde hatt overskuddet til å gjøre det samme 🙂 Ønsker deg en strålende dag!

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    1. Så herlig å høre fra deg, Aurora! 😀
      Reise og suksess er alt jeg drømmer om nå om dagen! Det skjer så mye gøy og spennende og det gir jo ekstra overskudd! Det er på grunn av den nye jobben og mye på grunn av de nye produktene jeg bruker 😀


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