You live but once; You might as well be amusing. – Coco Chanel

I do love themed parties! The 50’s themed party at Forever Summer Party was so perfect for me. I loved the makeup style, hairdos and dresses on all these gorgeous, smiling people around me. And I felt so pretty in my own outfit!


What made my outfit was this amazing dress I bought from Kjoledamen (Norwegian site) a few years ago. When I heard what the theme for this years party was going to be I immediately knew this was the one.


Finding shoes for this dress could have been a challenge, but I already had the perfect pumps for it! I bought these orange goodies at Føtex, which could be described as a Danish Walmart, the first or second year I attended Roskilde Festival.


The hat is from Nelly (adlink), and the purse and Guess watch were gifts. I think I borrowed the gloves from my mom some time and just never returned them, sorry mom!

ololoI’m posting this picture again because I just love this photo of some of my gorgeous colleagues in their fabulous outfits! You can read more about the amazing FLP Summer Party here.

My makeup is Flawless By Sonya and it can be found on my Forever Business Owner site here for global readers, and here for Scandinavian readers.

Would you wear this?

FLP Summer Party 2015

ololo In January/February this year I qualified to receive two tickets to an event called Summer Party. It is a big gathering of Forever Living Business Owners in Scandinavia. The party is held at our headquarters, a castle in Gothenborg, and each year FBOs can qualify to get tickets, hotel stay for the weekend and even pocket money! I only qualified for tickets this time, but next year I am going to work hard to get all those incentives and even go on stage to receive my manager pin.

ofvgkhijl,mnAt Summer Party they have themed parties on Friday and Saturday, and I love themed parties! The themes this year was black&white on Friday and the 50’s on Saturday. I couldn’t be more excited about that last one! The dresses, the hair styles, the makeup; Red lips, winged liner – I just love it! There were so many great dresses and beautiful pin up ladies everywhere! They even had live bands playing songs from that decade. What an epic day.


The feeling of affiliation was so strong that weekend. It was so much fun to see and meet so many people that have chosen the same career path as I have. There where all kind of people; Young, old, big, small, the office kind, the outdoors kind and even bikers! To think that we all start at the exact same place and with the same tools and possibilities to grow is just amazing when you see how far some have come. And to know that I can achieve what they have, and even more, is just an amazing feeling.


Do you remember the last time you smiled and laughed so hard one day that your cheeks would hurt in the evening? I couldn’t remember that, but last week it happened twice! The first time was on Monday when I had my birthday party and an inspirational meeting with Forever. Even though it kind of hurts it feels so good because a smile gives you such an amazing feeling inside. Then when it happened again on Saturday at the Summer Party I was so overwhelmed by the fact that I have found a job that actually makes me happier and more excited than I’ve been about almost anything for years.


This opportunity, this lifestyle and these positive people and energy give me so much more after just a few months than I would even dare to hope for when I started. When it comes to business it is just amazing how willing everyone are to help one and other.

During the Summer Party there where lectures from so many great motivational speakers with such different backgrounds one could not help but to become amazed. One of the speakers was Manual Knight (Manualknightacademy), an ex – special forces agent using war stories in such a creative and humorous way to explain the importance of communication and building a strong team. We laughed so hard! And he had us stand up and dance, for absolutely no reason, but nobody asked why. Other speakers were our sporty ambassadors Nick Søderblom and Annika Sjøø, and one of my idols; Sapphire Eagle Manager, Jeanette Magnusson. We learned so much!


I am so happy these days! I’ve learned to tell myself each morning that I am going to have a great day, and it works! Having all these amazing people around me do help a lot. Even though I still have bad days, now I can actually see the light at the end of the tunnel. I can help you to see the same possibilities and feel the affiliation I do, we could even go to Summer Party together next year! Visit my webpage to know more and join my team: (For Scandinavian readers:

PS: Outfit pictures are coming up, from both Spain and Summer Party!

What makes you smile?

I could give up shopping, but I’m not a quitter

One thing that most girls enjoy when traveling is that when you get to new places there are often new stores to explore! We are kinda weird like that. Anyway, in Alicante I found some stores I liked that we do not have in my city here in Norway.


One of the stores I always visit whenever I travel is Zara, and I do not think I am alone when it comes to this. I always find something in there and this time was not different at all! I did not go crazy, but almost wish I did! They had so many beautiful dresses and stylish blazers in all kind of colors. My favorite were the pastel ones, they are so gorgeous. I want all of them!

Two other stores that I noticed, and need to go back to in the future, was Suiteblanco and Pull&bear. I hadn’t heard of any of them before, which I actually find a bit odd. These two stores are very different when it comes to style. Suiteblanco is the one that suits me the most right now, and I did buy a lot of pieces from there! Pull&bear is the kind of store that I just love being in. I love the atmosphere and I love that I can find more special pieces. I felt like it was the perfect place to be when knowing that summer is coming. The lace, high waisted denim shorts, summer dresses, bikinis, crop tops, kimonos – We even bought the perfect beach towel in there! Definitely going to find Pull&bear again the next time I travel. And Suiteblanco.

ø.,mn bJeans: Gina Tricot | Sandals & purse: Suiteblanco | Blazer: Zara

Which stores do you always visit when traveling?

Have you been to any of these three stores?

I am scared, therefore I know my dreams are big enough

June is finally here. My favorite month of the year because it means that summer is here. It doesn’t really feel like summer just yet in Norway though so I keep dreaming myself back to the poolside in Spain. My dreams are actually getting bigger and bigger each day now. Off course not about the weather, I can’t control that. But big dreams are starting to take form inside me, dreams so big they even scare me a little.hhh Owning my own business and seeing it grow is what has triggered these dreams of mine. I know now that if I just work hard within my business I can achieve great success and a residual income, and help others achieve the same. This is the most genius business model I have ever seen and the absolute best part about it is that you help others succeed and by doing so you build your own success. okok June, my birthday month. New month and new goals are written down today. They say a dream written down with a date becomes a goal. A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan. A plan backed by action makes your dreams come true.

One small dream of mine did come true in Spain. With one of the first bonuses from my business I bought my first Guess purse! It feels so great to treat myself and still having the cleanest conscience knowing all the bills where already paid. I am actually having trouble wrapping my head around this. How did I make a part time salary without it affecting my full time job? I can’t believe how easy it actually was and I wish I could teach all of my friends, family, relatives and everyone, even you, how to do the same. - .cov,iJune is going to be a great month, I can feel it. It is a new feeling for me and I love it! Feel free to contact me if you have big dreams, together we can make our dreams happen!

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