Two hearts beat as one

Karoline & Tobias

In April, Raven and I went to a wedding on Guardarmar Beach in Alicante, Spain. What a wedding! This was the first beach wedding I have ever been to and it was so gorgeous I felt like I was in a movie.  The bride and her mother made the flower decorations which made it even more special.P1160960

But what made the day so magical is the love that these two people so clearly have for each other. When they look each other in the eyes, when they kiss, it is like nothing around them matters. You can tell that you are literally insignificant the moment their eyes connect. They see only each other in that moment, and that moment always brings a smile to their faces. Karro & Tit against the world.P1160972

She was a traditional white bride. She once swore she would never have a white wedding dress, but it was so right and she looked like a princess. Hair and makeup was not traditional though, luckily! Or else it wouldn’t be her.P1170072

I haven’t had time to edit these, or any other, photos from our little vacation. Can’t wait to go through them! But I won’t be able to get to that just yet. The wedding was by far the highlight of the week and the perfect end to our trip, and therefore the first thing I want to share with you.

Have you been to a beach wedding? If yes, where?

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