Cikki – A weak man would say she has an attitude



This girl has such a strong personality. I sometimes wonder how we became friends because we are just so different, both in appearance and personalities. Opposites do really attract I guess.  This girl is almost two heads taller than I am, we look so awkward standing next to each other! But I love her, she’s my girl.


Cikki and I became friends when we were still in school. That is now almost six(!!) years ago. We bonded trough mutual friends, and our little gang was quite a weird mix of personalities. Like every other group of people some fade out of it during the years, and I am so thankful Cikki and I still stay in touch.

You will probably be seeing more to this beauty on here in the future. She’s been away from home for some time, but now I am pleased to be able to welcome her back! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMakeup by me with Flawless by Sonya | Photo by Tore Hansen

Which picture was your favorite?

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