Leo – Caught in the middle

A couple of weeks ago some friends and I had some fun with makeup before taking some studio pictures. I have gotten the pictures of the other girls, and will post them shortly. Am still waiting for mine though. The wait is the worst!

I actually redid a style change look, which one do you think/hope it is?

While we wait I want to share some photos from my last shoot with the same photographer, Tore HansenJeanette Thøger Leo nr6

A few weeks after Raven and I brought Leo into our home we took him to the studio and did a little family photo shoot. He was so adorable staring at the photographer who barked before every shot to get his attention. He did pretty well in front of the camera, truly a natural. We will eventually try to get some of the photos from this shoot framed, the walls are kinda bare in our house.

Jeanette Thøger og leo - 7

I have actually always been more of a cat person (even have a cat tattooed on my neck), because I have always had cats while growing up. But Raven grew up with a dog and he is not that fond of cats. We are both very allergic to them too, so we chose to get a dog. We do sneeze some more with him in the house, but have not regretted a second. Leo is our little love child.

Are you a dog or a cat person?

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