I haven’t been everywhere, but it is on my list

Time to experience new things in new places! Tomorrow Raven and I are going to Spain too celebrate love. We are going to the wedding of some close friends of ours next weekend and though; Why not stay a week? So we will. I can’t wait!

I will not bring my computer, so if you’d like to keep getting updated feel free to follow me on instagram @jeanettemariea.

Picture from our last vacation to Hawaii.

What is your dream destination?

Every flower must grow through dirt

We all grow. All the time, or at least we should. I think that it is when you stop growing, stop learning and experiencing new things, that you stop living.


I feel like I have grown a lot the past few months. I have focused on keeping an open mind,  positive thoughts and doing things that are outside my comfort zone. I must admit it feels good. Very scary sometimes, but after I’ve been out there I just feel like I can do anything.

Until I crawl right back into that comfort zone. I start making excuses and silly reasons not to get back out because, well, the comfort zone is pretty comfy.


That is where I am right now, on my comfy sofa in my safe, little house with the people I love. No strangers can reach me here, unless my phone rings.. I have got to get over that phone-fear of mine. And I have got to get back out, this sofa is just so god damn comfy!

I said I have grown a lot the past few weeks, but I know it is not enough. It is not as much as I would have wanted it to be, but luckily I now have a job and awesome co-workers encouraging me to grow, and to step out of the comfort zone.


That is where I want to be this summer. It is where I need to be to reach my goals.  I want to grow, and by doing so I know that this is going to be the best summer ever!

Makeup by me | Photo by Tore Hansen

Where is the end of your comfort zone?

Flawless – I’m in love

There has been a lot of photo shoot posts here lately so I thought I’d just add a regular post in here. I don’t really do photo shoots all the time, I just have a few sessions now and then (but my dream is to be working with it in the future). The past weeks I’ve had two shoots with two different photographers and with two other girls, Cikki and Siri. That is why there are so many awesome photos right now!

P1160277 (2)

You’ve probably seen that the makeup I use for shoots are always Flawless by Sonya. This is the brand I use, distribute and love! Flawless by Sonya cosmetics are infused with the goodness of aloe, as well as the latest innovations that nature and science offer. The products are paraben-free, cruelty free and can be used on very sensitive skin.

The first product I tried was the Cream to Powder foundation. It has a creamy consistency when you apply it to your face and once it is on and set it gives a silky smooth feel to your skin. And it stays matte! This is why I completely fell in love with this product, and now Flawless by Sonya has taken over my entire makeup bag. Concealers, powders, blushes, lipsticks, you name it, it’s all Flawless in my collection!


I am going to write reviews here on some of the products I use, so stay tuned if you’re curious about this brand. All I know is I am in love and I want the world to know.

Have you tried Flawless by Sonya cosmetics?

Which makeup brand is your favorite?

Re-creation: Goth Style Change Look

Goth – Some are born to sweet delight, some are born to endless night.


For those of you who guessed goth was the style change look I re-created, you were right! I like that this look is so far off from how I usually do my makeup and from how I dress. We all have that darker side and I feel I get to show mine off in this look.


I actually feel that my eye makeup is not as dark as I would have wanted it to be in these photos, but I am still pleased with the finished look. I did all the makeup and styling myself, I love doing it. When I get an idea in my mind of how I want a look to be it is so much fun to put it together and to see the image I had in my mind come out in pictures.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMakeup is Flawless by Sonya (can be found in my online shop) | Shoes are Jeffrey Campbell | Dress is H&M | Photo by Tore Hansen

What do you think of this look?

How would your darker side look like?

Personal portraits – part one

The day before I had a shoot with my best girls I actually did a shoot on my own. So I thought I’d share some photos from that one first!11045656_10152719175916752_558619309_oThe photographer on this shoot was the talented Frogner Foto. He has such a big passion for photography and I can really feel that while I am in front of his lense. We did our first shoot together back in 2013 and now we took pretty similar pictures, improved versions you could say. I haven’t gotten all the photos back yet so that is why this post is a part one. I am very pleased with the results, as always, and excited to see the rest!11085648_10152728028996752_1639082357_oMakeup by me with Flawless by Sonya | Photo by Frogner Foto

I am curious, what do you want to see more of on my blog?

Siri – Where flowers bloom so does hope



She didn’t know this, but I intentionally chose the flowers for her this day. I wore them too on some of my pictures, but I brought them for her. I guess I see her as a flower girl (I googled that term, it has so many different definitions! Still feels right). Well, she does really like these kind of head pieces and they suit her, but it’s so much more than that.


Siri has a rare beauty. I am not thinking about the fact that she looks absolutely stunning, but she has the gift of seeing the good in everyone and the positive in every situation. She has the ability to smile at you in the morning like she didn’t cry last night, and that smile gives away nothing else than good vibes.


Every flower must grow through dirt, and there are flowers anywhere for those who want to see them. She does, and I admire her for that.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMakeup by me with Flawless by Sonya | Photo by Tore Hansen

Do you have a flower girl in your life?

Cikki – A weak man would say she has an attitude



This girl has such a strong personality. I sometimes wonder how we became friends because we are just so different, both in appearance and personalities. Opposites do really attract I guess.  This girl is almost two heads taller than I am, we look so awkward standing next to each other! But I love her, she’s my girl.


Cikki and I became friends when we were still in school. That is now almost six(!!) years ago. We bonded trough mutual friends, and our little gang was quite a weird mix of personalities. Like every other group of people some fade out of it during the years, and I am so thankful Cikki and I still stay in touch.

You will probably be seeing more to this beauty on here in the future. She’s been away from home for some time, but now I am pleased to be able to welcome her back! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMakeup by me with Flawless by Sonya | Photo by Tore Hansen

Which picture was your favorite?

Leo – Caught in the middle

A couple of weeks ago some friends and I had some fun with makeup before taking some studio pictures. I have gotten the pictures of the other girls, and will post them shortly. Am still waiting for mine though. The wait is the worst!

I actually redid a style change look, which one do you think/hope it is?

While we wait I want to share some photos from my last shoot with the same photographer, Tore HansenJeanette Thøger Leo nr6

A few weeks after Raven and I brought Leo into our home we took him to the studio and did a little family photo shoot. He was so adorable staring at the photographer who barked before every shot to get his attention. He did pretty well in front of the camera, truly a natural. We will eventually try to get some of the photos from this shoot framed, the walls are kinda bare in our house.

Jeanette Thøger og leo - 7

I have actually always been more of a cat person (even have a cat tattooed on my neck), because I have always had cats while growing up. But Raven grew up with a dog and he is not that fond of cats. We are both very allergic to them too, so we chose to get a dog. We do sneeze some more with him in the house, but have not regretted a second. Leo is our little love child.

Are you a dog or a cat person?